You’re more likely to hear from tech employers if you have one of these 10 things on your resume 

Studies have shown that recruiters only spend six seconds reading your resume, so it’s important to highlight the words that will get their attention.

A recent Indeed survey found that when sorting through resumes, tech companies are much more likely to respond to candidates that mention certain skills and job titles.

“Having these highly specialized, sought-after skills will likely lead employers to make competitive offers,” says Doug Gray, SVP of engineering at Indeed.

 These are the job titles and phrases that are more likely to get you a call from a potential employer.

1. Python developer (17.9% more likely to be contacted by a potential employer).

2. Java developer (16.3% more likely to be contacted)

3.  Linux engineer (16% more likely to be contacted)

4. Development operations engineer (15.6% more likely to be contacted)

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