Educators Peek into the Future at JSPAC

Pre-conference JSPAC conference attendees had an opportunity to peek into the future to get an understanding of why & how the workplace has changed & where it is headed.

A panel of educators & business professionals presented a TED-talk panel discussion entitled “BUILDING AN EQUITABLE 21st  CENTURY WORKFORCE – Starting Early & Nurturing the Pipeline from K 12 to Careers.”

L to R-Tammy Cronin, Renee Marshall, Amy Zigler, Cari Lyn Vinci & Joshua Modlin

Moderator & panel organizer, Cari Lyn Vinci, Founder, InVINCIble Enterprises & STE@M™ Mentoring Program explained the wisdom of starting early to help students figure out “Why do I have to learn that?” & “What am I going to do with my life?” Vinci discussed The Future of Work & the POWER Skills essential to compete in the global workplace of the semi-unknown future.

Amy Zigler Assistant Principal, Windsor High School explained how her school is organized into Partnership Academies. The academies introduce students to practical and FUN career choices like filmmaking, auto, welding, culinary & winemaking. They also organize a college week & give college T-shirts to 3rd graders. That certainly plants the post-secondary education seeds early.

Renee Marshall – South Central Coast Teacher Preparation Pipeline lead to Prepare STEM & CTE teachers, suggested thinking about schools as community centers & bringing the entire family into the conversation. She acknowledged that things don’t always go smoothly the first time around & to know that success comes from trying and failing and then trying again till you get it right.
Joshua Modlin- Manager, Education to Work Partnerships Foundation California Community Colleges enlightened attendees about the resurgence of apprenticeships. By expanding apprenticeships beyond the trades & construction to in-demand 21st Century growth areas like ICT & Advanced Manufacturing. & introducing “pre-apprenticeships” they are supporting the Community College Strong Workforce mission.

As an unusual element, Tammy Cronin Project Lead Workforce Development, Valley Vision brought the business point of view to educators. Tammy pointed out that business & education don’t speak the same language & the necessity of high schools & colleges interacting with the workforce to help educate teachers & students about the 21st Century Workforce.

Vinci has a media relationship with Diversity in STEAM Magazine (DISM) & gave attendees an issue of this premiere resource magazine. It is dedicated to the advancement of all minorities, women and K-12 students within STEM. DISM is the link between qualified students, career & business candidates, educational institutions, corporate America, and the federal government. JSPAC attendees are invited to sign up for a free 1-year digital subscription of DISM @ Vinci’s website:

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